There has been a proliferation of financial institutions in the last decade of our country’s history, but InvestEye is different. After almost twelve painstaking months of conceiving, planting, nurturing the idea for the formation of an indigenous Fund Management Company, today InvestEye is a dream come true and we owe it all to you our cherished stakeholders.

This business has been established with the interest of the investor at heart.  InvestEye was born from our collective experiences as professionals and I must admit that the frustrations and mismanagement of people’s hard earned moneys was the cardinal decision driver that caused us to take this bold step.

My training as a Treasury person makes it part of my DNA to imbibe and live our Treasury Mantra of ‘Your word is your Bond” I have tried to live this principle professionally, however the higher up the professional ladder I went, the more difficult I realized how my superiors and peers in industry found it difficult, to walk the talk!!! But I believe that as humans we were born to change what we complain about. That is why InvestEye has been setup to walk the talk by being truthful to its Investors / stakeholders and doing things differently.

Our Standpoint

InvestEye is born from the stand point of Mathew 25:14-30 where the story is told of a Master who upon his travel, called his servants and delivered unto them talents of five, two and one according to their several ability.   From what we read in the Bible every one of the three servants was given a talent according to his abilities but not all of them put the talents to good use. The shareholders of InvestEye believe that just like in the days of old, there is no new thing under the sun. As such it is our investment habit and choices that will ensure that our talents / wealth grow in leaps and bounds. This is epitomized in our company’s Logo which depicts gradual momentum and steady growth.

How we will do it

With years of expertise in the Banking and Financial Services Sector, the Shareholders, Board Members and Management team of InvestEye has what it takes to provide the right mix in selecting and advising our cherished clients as to which investment choices to make regarding the right product portfolio mix. This will be achieved through high standards of professionalism, impeccable personalized service and total client confidentiality and Trust.

As said by George Clason in his book The Richest Man in Babylon, the fourth cure for a lean purse is to Invest only where thy principal is safe and where thou will not fail to collect a fair rental”. By this InvestEye seeks to be the one stop Investment destination for all our cherished stakeholders.

It’s a Win / Win Relationship

Our partnership with our stakeholders and clientele is aimed at fostering a win / win relationship and we expect our cherished clients to partner us in watching over their investments with an eagle’s eye and also the insightful InvestEye experience with everyone they come into contact with. At InvestEye, not only is your Investment safe, but it is managed by tried and tested professionals.

Our Investment Strategy

At InvestEye we, work hand in hand with our clients to develop their investment policy / strategy by guiding them to their established goals. This is done by first understanding the diverse needs of our clients.

Future Outlook

The future of wealth creation in our country just got brighter, with the discovery of oil and Ghana now being a lower middle income country having a growing middle-class with more disposable incomes. As the 7th Largest Economy in sub-saharan Africa with a GDP of US$39 Billion as at 2012, our economy is a fast growing and attractive market full of Investment opportunities. More and new business opportunities now abound, however it will take the adoption of strategic positioning and the optimal allocation and use of scares resources for one to seize these opportunities.  The majority of our youth, especially students in our tertiary institutions will soon be unleashed onto the job market, before this happens, they will need to be told and taught to practice the age old long habit of investing and saving, if they desire to be amongst the high or middle level income groups of our society. My word of advice to all potential investors is that “It is not how much you earn or make, what makes a difference is how much you keep or save and are able to invest” so join InvestEye and start the habit of investing today.

I now invite you to explore and interact with us, as this website is designed to help you do just that. Your frank and candid feedback will always be appreciated and cherished as we also have a listening ear. If you should have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience. I can be reached on:

Mobile: +233 (0) – 244 341103


We look forward to a long lasting beneficial relationship.  InvestEye …….. “An Eye for dynamic wealth Management”

Thank you.

Nana Osae Addo – Dankwa.
Chief Executive  

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