The primary goal of our Corporate Finance service is to maximize the shareholder value of our clients. InvestEye’s Corporate Finance team includes professionals with various areas of expertise who work together with the aim of identifying and developing attractive investment opportunities in our focus region. We assist clients in areas such as:

  • Optimal Capital Structure
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Privatizations
  • Business Plan Consultancy
  • Investment Project and Capital Search
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Private Placements


The primary role of our Asset Management Team is to develop innovative solutions to protect, manage and grow our clients’ wealth. The team provides investors with diversification and investing options with the aim of helping them achieve their investment goals and objectives through proper asset management techniques.

The diversification of clients’ portfolio is done by investing in such securities which maximize shareholder value and the long-term financial return of assets.


We provide expert fund management services to a wide range of organizations and institutions including: churches, governmental agencies, NGOs, old student associations, etc. We also manage Pension funds, Provident funds, Trust funds, Endowment funds and other funds on behalf of companies.


At InvestEye, we are committed to delivering a combination of first-class performance, strategic advice and the highest level of service. Based on our visionary and custom-tailored approach to advising our clients, we seek to provide you with returns that are consistent, competitive and in-line with your objectives. Our investment consulting and advisory service is available to individual and corporate clients who seek stable and long-term returns from the financial markets.


InvestEye Capital Partners serves in a coordinating capacity for a seasoned team of industry consultants in the Real Estate Development and Financing industry to ensure a seamless and coordinated delivery of real estate and bespoke built environment projects. Critical input is assessed from early financial and technical feasibility stages through to detailed design, construction and post occupancy services.

Our unique role places us as the go-to institution for various developers and land owners embarking into the built environment projects. We offer our clientele tailor made optimized solutions synergizing capital and technical product procurement routes.


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